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10 Things Guys Wish That Girls Knew

It is always fun for teenage girls to talk about guys with the sexiest smile, coolest body, nice and groovy hairs and the perfect ones in every way! We girls never know what guys think about us, they may not tell us what they want but they feel a lot of thing and wish girls to know them!
So here we have this interesting post about the top 10 things I think guys wish that girls knew!


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10 Things Guys Wish That Girls Knew


When you like some guy, just tell him!
Because guys don’t like when you try to be flirty at first and then try to ignore, thinking that they’ll come after you is a totally bad perception. All they want is that smile and you being nice to them, because that totally takes their heart away!


Guys look for the right girl
Girls do not rush for boys to like you immediately!  They need time and space to find the best in you because they look for the perfect girl!


Guys don’t like girl’s wearing SEXY clothes all time
Always balance your dressing with a little graceful and sexiness! Don’t try to be Christina Aguilera all the time by showing skin. Be reasonable and graceful.


They like the way you are
Never talk to guys over and over again that if you look fat or not! Guys get annoyed by this question! They never like your insecurities about your body just stay cool and presentable! They’ll love you more!


Don’t get mad without any reason
There is a time for girls in a “MONTH” where they act totally weird! And they get offended on any small issue without caring it is guys fault or not. Guys hate that time! They think that you are pained but what is their fault! Face whatever you got! It is your hormones! Face the LIFE!


Guys like compliments
Boys never talk about their appearance loud, but they care about their hair, skin, and weight and clothes a lot! Like how they look in front of you. It really matters to them when you compliment them on their dressing, hairs or skin. They really take notice of that.


Guys hate the detail talk!
If a guy does something wrong, he will feel ashamed when he is told once! When you mention the the thing over and over again! He will be surely pissed!


Don’t disturb them when they are watching Football
Guys don’t like when they are disturbed in the middle of game, just try to look after their interest and they will love it, they will surely know that you love them.


Guys hate makeup all the time!
A little make up does make your guy happy, but not all of that! Guys like you more when you are without it, because it shows the real self of you. Even some guys are like “I HATE THAT BLACK CRAP ON HER EYE ALL THE TIME!” they hate the make up all the time.


Never Hate GAMES
Try to develop your interest in their Electronic games or if you don’t have any interest then try not to get annoyed by them! They love it and cannot leave them!


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