Top 10 Construction Companies in India | Major infrastructure Groups

The construction sector is the second largest employer in India after the Indian Railways. It has the fastest growth right from the start of the 1990s.

Around 35 million people are working, and it is contributing around 12% of GDP. We are going to present the top 10 construction companies in India which are playing an important role in our economic growth.

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It was estimated to be $120 billion worth industry. As India is a rapidly developing in industries and transports, many companies are preferring to enter into this field.

Some of the below-listed companies are started in other sectors which got into the construction field due to the highest demand.

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Construction field is basically classified into three types;

  • Infrastructure, which involves roads, ports, railways, power, and irrigation etc.
  • Industrial, which involves projects from manufacturing sectors or companies.
  • And Real Estate, which involves commercial buildings, residential, malls etc.

The main reason for tremendous growth in this field is the urbanization of rural India and economic development as well. The following is the Top 10 Construction Companies in India.

They are well reputed and trusted among different countries in the world. We made the list according to their number of projects undertaken and their reputation in the industry.

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Let’s find out the Top 10 Construction Companies in India (list made by

1. Larsen and Toubro

2. GMR Infrastructure Limited

3. Reliance Infrastructure Limited

4. Hindustan Construction Company

5. Lanco Infrastructure

6. Punj Lloyd group

7. GVK infrastructure

8. Ramky Infrastructure

9. Jai Prakash associates

10. IRB infrastructure developers ltd

1. Larsen and Toubro

It is one of the well-known construction company in the world. It was found in the year 1938 and working as an Indian multinational conglomerate.

They have undertaken many governments fly over, bridges, buildings etc. and has been a trustworthy company for their quality engineering works.

Apart from construction, they are also into information technology, finance, and manufacturing.

Few of the renowned projects undertaken by them are Panipat Elevated Corridor, Fertilizer Plant for NFCL Kakinada, Coimbatore Bypass, Krishnagiri Bypass in Tamil Nadu.

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2. GMR Infrastructure Limited

Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao founded the company in 1978. They are actively participating in the energy sector and airport development.

One of the giants in the construction field which marked around 8000 crores of revenue as per July 2015. They are handling projects in Turkey, Philippines, Maldives, Indonesia, and in India.

Their performing well in Highways, airports, real estate, and energy projects.

Indira Gandhi international airport in New Delhi and Rajiv Gandhi international airport in Telangana is two of the renowned projects completed by GMR group.

The company had a very humble start. They dealt with Agri based products such as sugar, jute, and breweries and slowly moved to construction to become one of the top players.

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3. Reliance Infrastructure Limited

One of the top companies which need no introduction headed by Anil Ambani. Their main focus is on the metro rail, bridges, airports, power plants, defense, roads and toll roads.

They received a national award for excellence in Energy management. Coal-based Thermal Power stations in Maharashtra, Nanded Airport in Maharashtra, Delhi airport express are few of the well-known projects of Reliance.

They have constructed 5600 MW gas thermal plant in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh, it is the largest grassroots gas-fired generation plant in the world.

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4. Hindustan Construction Company

One of the olden golden company in India which started in the year 1926. A very well known in the construction industry who undertaken projects, Bridges, Tunnels, Power field, and Expressways etc.

They are into real estate, engineering, Urban development and management, chemicals, jute products, performance polymers, education etc.

They hold the largest ISO 9001-2008 steel foundry in the Indian private sector. And pioneering in Bolsters and side frames exports.

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5. Lanco Infrastructure

This company is well known for winning the first metro project from Chennai metro rail. They have significant growth thermal projects in Rajasthan.

One of their solar power plants was recently inaugurated in the Indian Parliament. Lanco is India’s largest power provider which is independent.

They are also renowned for Udupi power corporation ltd project and Devihalli Highway project.

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6. Punj Lloyd group

One of the fastest growing group in India which started in 1982 as a part of the Punj Lloyd group which also deals with energy, hospitals, transportation, marketing, and roads.

They have done reputed projects like Bangalore Metro Rail, Heera field redevelopment for ONGC, Chhabra Thermal power project and 5MW solar power plant at Bap, Rajasthan.

This group is also operating in South Asia, the middle east, Europe, Africa, and Caspian.

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7. GVK infrastructure

It was started in the year 1994. It is a conglomerate actively participating in mining, hospitality, power and road infrastructure. They are known for excellent quality work who follows strict timelines and delivery time.

They have worked for Deoli- Kota expressway, Kempegowda International airport in Bangalore and Hydroelectric project in Jammu and Kashmir.

They also acquired Australian coal mines in Queensland for the US $1.26 billion. And invested $3.3 billion in pipelines.

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8. Ramky Infrastructure

It was founded in 1994 and since then bagging up many big infrastructure projects related to environment and constructions.

They are contributing significantly in global economic progress and mainly concentrating on transportation, water & wastage, environment management irrigation infrastructure, energy, distribution, and transmission etc.

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9. Jai Prakash associates

Jai Prakash construction company got known by their acquisition of 990mz Punatsangachhu Hydroelectric project in Bhutan which is in the joint association of Bhutan and Indian governments.

The project is about the diversional tunnel and dam which includes hydro-mechanical works. It values around 225 crores.

It is a public listed company and a part of the Japee group of corporations. It was founded in the year 1979 and worked for many road, sports, power, hospitality, real estate related projects.

Few of the big projects they worked on are 1450 MZ HEP in Gujarat, Yamuna Expressway, 1000 MZ Karcham dam in Himachal Pradesh and Cement blending & grinding unit in Uttar Pradesh.

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10. IRB infrastructure developers ltd

This group is known for completing a vast majority of roads around 9100 kilometers in India. they have worked for Mumbai-Pune expressway and Ahmedabad -Vadodara expressway.

They are well known for their impressive performance and top line growth. Though it is placed in 10th position, who knows with its tremendous growth year by year can make it jump to the top of the list in coming years.

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