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There are thousands of statues all around the world. some of them are world famous attracting tourists and increasing foreign revenue. Here we are presenting the Top 10 tallest statues in the world which stood long and great in different parts of the world.

They are built to remember the historical events, great persons who had done remarkable acts for their nation, some convey spirituality and some historical figures.

Whatever the reason maybe they prove the architectural grandeur and skills of the artists. These are taken years together to be constructed and costed a handful for the governments.

Now this following list will amaze you and prove the hard work and efforts of the craftsmen.

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Let’s find out the Top 10 Tallest Statues in the World (list made by

1. Statue of Unity, India (182 meters)

2. Spring Temple Buddha, China (153 meters)

3. Laykyun Setkyar, Myanmar (116 meters)

4. Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan (110 meters)

5. Guan-yin, China (108 meters)

6. Emperors Yan and Huang, China (106 meters)

7. Sendai Daikannon, Japan (100 meters)

8. Peter the great, Russia (96 meters)

9. Great Buddha, Thailand (92 meters)

10. Great Buddha, China (88 meters)

1. Statue of Unity, India (182 meters)

Statue of Unity

It is one of the recent structures in India which got famous worldwide. It was constructed from 2013 to 2018 in Gujarat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took special interest to lay the foundation for the statue of the freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

It was 182 meters, and the number was picked to match the total assembly constituencies in the state of Gujarat. The statue was located in Sardar Sarovar dam in Narmada district.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is called the man of unity and Iron man of India. He served as the first home minister of independent India.

He worked remarkably to unit 562 princely states into a Republic India in the pre-independence period. Thus, the statue called the statue of Unity in remembrance of united India by him.

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2. Spring Temple Buddha, China (153 meters)

Spring Temple Buddha

The Spring Buddha statue used to be the tallest in the world until it was beaten by the statue of Unity in 2018. The statue was made of copper and is standing on a 20-meter lotus throne.

Steel and gold were also in the making. It was constructed as a replacement to Bamiyan Buddhas statue in Afghanistan which was destroyed by the Taliban.

The place of the statue is surrounded by the beautiful greenery in Henan, a pilgrimage for Buddhists.

The construction of this statue was done from 1997 to 2008. And made it one of the tourist attractions in China.

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3. Laykyun Setkyar, Myanmar (116 meters)

Laykyun Setkyar

This is the statue of Buddha Shakyamuni who is believed to be the Buddhism founder. The construction was taking place between 1996-2008 and since been a fest to the eyes of the tourists.

It was painted all in yellow, a color regarded as a symbol of wisdom in Buddhism. It was surrounded by a total of 9000 bodhi trees, the trees under which Buddha received enlightenment.

The statue also has an elevator which is a rare feature for statues. It is intended for tourists to reach the top and enjoy the view of the surroundings.

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4. Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan (110 meters)

Ushiku Daibutsu

Another Buddha statue which got on to the top ten list is the Ushiku statue which is made of bronze. Inside the statue there made four levels to visit.

The first level is for beautiful music to soothe the heart, second levels display scriptures of Buddhism, at the third level there displayed a total of 30000 Buddha statues and the top level is an area where you can view the beautiful surroundings.

The statue is surrounded by a beautiful garden and made the statue to look even more beautiful.

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5. Guan-yin, China (108 meters)


It was located in the south sea of Sanya in Hainan province. The statue displays three faces one to the Hainan island and the other to towards the sea. The hands even positioned in three different directions.

The statue has a deeper meaning as a goddess to protect the entire country of China. There a well-known temple called Nanshan near the statue.

The left hand of the statue holds a sutra and the right hand showing the vitarka mudra. A string of prayer beads is on the palms and another hand holding a lotus.

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6. Emperors Yan and Huang, China (106 meters)

Emperors Yan and Huang

There comes yet another tallest statue from China. It seems Chinese like being tallest. The statue was located in Henan province.

The construction started in 1987 and took almost 20 years to complete. The nose of the statues is of 6 meters and the eyes are 3 meters in length.

The Yan and Huang are two of the Chinese emperors who had a remarkable history. The statues were opened in 2007 and commemorate the economy and politics of China.

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7. Sendai Daikannon, Japan (100 meters)

Sendai Daikannon

Here’s another statue in the list of tallest Buddha statues of the world. It holds water in one hand and jewel in another.

There’s an opening on the top where the tourists are allowed to see the surrounding area. The interior is divided as 12 parts in which 108 Buddha statues are placed. It was completed in the year 1991.

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8. Peter the great, Russia (96 meters)

Peter the great

Peter was the great Russian emperor who ruled for about 43 years. The statue was constructed to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Russian navy.

It was located in the western confluence of the river in Moscow. Steel and bronze are used for the construction. It was completed in 1997 and weighs around 1000 tons.

There are controversies around the statue that it was voted as one of the ugliest constructions in the world by the tourist.

Even the emperor Peter who named great was degraded by the citizens as he moved the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

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9. Great Buddha, Thailand (92 meters)

Great Buddha, Thailand

It was by far the best statue made of cement who made its place in Top ten tallest statues of the world. The whole statue was painted gold but there is no gold, silver or bronze used anywhere in the construction.

It took 18 years to build from 1990 to 2008. It was located in Wat Muang and dedicated to Gautama Buddha. There is a hell park which depicts the concept of hell near the statue.

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10. Great Buddha, China (88 meters)

Great Buddha, China

Our taller Buddha list ends here with the top ten tallest statue which is another Buddha in Longshan in China.

700 tons of bronze was used for construction and placed near Taiho lake and hill with beautiful landscape in 74 acres.

It was similar to laughing Buddha with a smiling face observing all the people of the earth. It weighs over 700 tons which include a 9 meters lotus.

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